Bay Area Drupal Camp 2016

Location: Planet Earth / Berkeley, CA

Coordinates: 37°52'18.8358"N, -122°15'38.6388"W

Date: 2016.10.20 - 2016.10.23

What is BadCamp?

BADCamp is a Drupal conference for the people. It’s an annual celebration of open-source software in Berkeley CA. Join us this October 20-23 for four days of talks, trainings, summits, sprints and socials with some of the brightest minds from all over the world, all for FREE!


No admission cost. Ever.

“The magic of BADCamp is real! The events and community are so warm, fun, and exciting - and many of the same inspiring DrupalCon sessions are presented for free at BADCamp. I even moved to California to join the ranks of BADCamp volunteers. There’s literally no other event like it in the galaxy!”

- Heather Rodriguez


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since 2007

BADCamp News

September 22, 2016

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