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Pantheon Master Course and Working Session

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If you already use Pantheon and are looking to increase your efficiencies and further speed up your development practices, this day is for you. Join Pantheon Co-Founder Matt Cheney and Agency and Community Engineers Steve Persch, Andrew Taylor and others for a day of hands on DevOps examples and coding. Come for a hands-on day that focuses on Terminus, Quicksilver and integrating your existing workflows and CI tools into Pantheon.

Examples we'll walk through include:

Drupal Development Best Practices & Building Sites on Pantheon

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Learn how to use Pantheon like a seasoned Drupal developer and level up your Drupal development game. Learn how to use Pantheon and get version control for your projects, separate development, testing, and live environments, high performance technologies like Varnish and Redis and more.

This session will feature Pantheon Co-Founder Matt Cheney and Agency and Community Engineers Steve Persch, Andrew Taylor and others walking attendees through using the Pantheon Drupal development platform to develop a Drupal site.

Learn about

Modifying legacy code the right way (hint: do not add "if" statements)

So you're a developer and you're asked to make a "simple" change to a Drupal site requiring a code change in a custom 200-line legacy function which uses global variables, calls the dreaded arg() function, and for good measure, communicates with a third-party API via REST.

If your team requires that even small changes need automated tests, you need a straightforward way to test monster legacy functions with minimal effort, minimal refactoring, and minimal risk.

In this talk, we'll discuss:

The Drupaler's guide to Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

As engineers and developers, we tend to be passionate about building something great, which Drupal 8 is perfect for doing. Drupal 8 gave us more viable options for testing with tools like phpunit, Behat, and phpspec to name a few. These have opened the doors to more easily achieve a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) work flow.

Dogooding 101

A lot of people involved in Drupal want to put their skills to good use (through contribution, volunteering, or advocacy) but aren't sure how to do it.  In this session, we'll explore some ways you can be a do gooder with your Drupal skills - small things that only take 20 or 30 minutes and large things that could change the direction of your career. 

We'll move beyond Drupal core/contrib contribution and look at needs of the broader technology community and it's constituents. 

Taking Drupal 8 Sites Offline: airplane mode surfing!

This talk will introduce you to HTML5 features that can be used to make your Drupal 8 content available offline. Users of the site will be able to access certain pages while in airplane mode or other times when they do not have network access.

The Right Tool for the Job: Content Layout in Drupal 8


As a site builder, have you ever encountered a wireframe or design that’s caused you to take pause and wonder, “how am I going to build this thing?” I have. In fact, it’s been my experience that there’s rarely a clear-cut solution for producing a Drupal layout that’s both complex in arrangement and easy to edit.

BFFs 4eva: Drupal 8 and Custom Databases

How do you gain all the benefits of Drupal while trying to preserve an existing, complex database schema? What if migration isn’t feasible because you need real-time data maintained by a non-Drupal 3rd party? Learn one solution utilizing Drupal 8’s powerful custom entities from a transitioning Drupal 7 developer’s perspective.

Engaging Support Systems

We've all been there - staring at the screen trying to figure out why something is broken, sometimes not even sure exactly what that something is.

Drupal is amazing - so flexible and powerful - and absolutely maddening.

In this session, we'll review why it's worth it to seek out help, where to find it, and how to get it.

I'll be primarily on the following topics:

Types of Support Systems and the differences between them
* online
* in person
* long-term
* short-term


Managing projects is hard. Waterfall can help you define a project up front, but details change like sand under your feet. Cowboy and Extreme programming is terrifying for your stakeholders, leading to miscommunication. Your process is a jumbled mess and you want to just get your arms around it and wrestle it the ground.