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Pattern Lab and Twig, the perfect duo to streamline your front-end development process.

Pattern Lab ( is “a custom static site generator that constructs an interface by stitching atoms, molecules, and organisms together to form templates and pages.” The philosophy of Pattern Lab parallels several core tenets of OOP: Don’t Repeat Yourself and Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Twig ( is a fast, secure, and flexible templating engine from Sensio Labs, the people who brought us Symfony.

Backdrop CMS - The Drupal Fork

Backdrop CMS is the Drupal fork. It is a faster and less-complex version of Drupal 7 with Panels, Views, and Configuration Management added into core.

Backdrop CMS has already seen five on-time releases that have added more new core features: a built-in Rich-Text editor, built-in automatic URLs and page redirects, and a browser for adding new add-ons directly from your existing site. Backdrop also includes an updated administrative theme, a new core theme, dozens of UX improvements, as well as the expected improved APIs for developers.

Advanced JavaScript Unit Testing

Testing is an important practice in software development to improve software quality, and it can be precarious no matter what language you’re in. The flexibility offered by JavaScript can make your tests powerful, but if you’re not careful, that same flexibility can leave you frustrated. As Drupal gains more JavaScript developers we'll need to up our testing game.

You should be writing tests to inspire confidence that everything is working as expected. If something breaks, you want to be sure that you’ll catch it and quickly understand what went wrong.

Component-driven Drupal theming

Modern front-end development has become a complicated mix of fast-moving technologies. The challenge for front-end developers is trying to keep up with the latest changes in Front-end. How do you find and learn about the best tools and techniques? And even after we've learned a new tool, it can feel like our skills are soon out-dated.