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Styleguide + Prototype: Move Fast and Embrace Drupal

A static prototype, along with a styleguide, puts your ideas into the hands of your clients, users, and developers sooner, providing more time for iteration—ultimately resulting in a better product.

Release Management for Live Websites

When working with multiple larger Support-based contracts, "agile" can start to break down after the Implementation stage. Once a site goes live, often the project team will be adjusted, or sometimes it will change completely. Because of this, certain changes to the development workflow should be considered.

The Terrors of Task Management Tools: A Case Study

Thinking of moving to a new project management tool? The road can be harrowing and full of hidden perils, but don’t turn back now! As a Project Manager, you are expected to manage and execute countless tasks in the most efficient and painless manner possible, but the myriad of task management tools available is daunting to consider. I will take you on the path Zivtech followed: evaluating software options, learning team pain points, and understanding which business needs can be handled by these systems.

At First, Let Yourself Be "Bad" At Drupal 8

At First, Let Yourself Be “Bad” At Drupal 8
Accept the Inevitable Parts of Learning

Ancora imparo — “I am still learning.” - Michelangelo

Agile applied to life

What you will learn:
Agile Methodology
Application of Agile Methodology to Projects
Agile tips and tricks applied to your daily life

Session Description:
Using real world, daily-life situations to explain Agile principles, I will demonstrate how an Agile mindset can cross over into optimizing your daily routine.

The Slice Template: Design principles, Dev Options & Content Curation

This talk will EXPLAIN what the Slice Template is, different development tactics for creating it, and challenges we’ve seen in crafting content for it.

The Slice Template is kind of like a layer cake. It’s a design structure that enables site authors to create web pages out of modular, horizontal components that span the width of the browser. Popularized by responsive design, this pattern has become a web standard. That’s because it can support a myriad of content.

Intuitive Project Management

Don’t let your process lead you down the road to ruin, trust your instincts. As a generally intuitive person, I’ll talk about some of the more soft skills you can develop to ensure you can manage your project to success.

Metrics, spreadsheets, the latest and greatest agile tools are all incredible parts of getting projects done in this day and age, yet the softer skills that come from our intuitive or gut can often be just as critical in ensuring a project goes well.

Project Managers ARE the new Content Strategists

Being a great project manager is more than just timelines, budgets, scope, and knowing something about Agile. It’s about being the first player off the bench, the secret weapon, the switch-hitter. Our job is to fill in where needed to keep the project on track, help our team, and mitigate that darn risk. Our job is to be content strategists!

Automated testing with Drupal and PHPSpec

Like many Drupal teams, the CSRA/New Target web team at the Administrative Office of the US Courts is working to bring automated testing into our development and maintenance workflow. In this talk, I'll share our current thinking on the following issues:

1. Why behavior-driven development is essential
2. Limits of using the Behat Drupal Extension for behavior-driven development
3. Why even the best behavior-driven development practices will not guarantee full regression test coverage

Story Mapping³

Help clients make better decisions with user story mapping, persona story mapping, and content strategy story mapping techniques.