Agile applied to life

What you will learn:
Agile Methodology
Application of Agile Methodology to Projects
Agile tips and tricks applied to your daily life

Session Description:
Using real world, daily-life situations to explain Agile principles, I will demonstrate how an Agile mindset can cross over into optimizing your daily routine.

Understanding the theory of Agile methodology is the first step, but taking a dive into applying the theory is difficult. Not only do I strive to create a connection between the knowledge and practice of Agile, but I also hope to share how Agile practices in your personal adventures and relationships can benefit everyone.

Possible Examples:
My relationship with my motorcycle mechanic: Discovery, Estimation, Sprints, and Acceptance Criteria saved me $300
First date retrospectives
Personal Budget Burn-down
Weekly Dinner with my Grandmother: Standups
House Renovation: Timeline, Budget, Milestones

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