BFFs 4eva: Drupal 8 and Custom Databases

How do you gain all the benefits of Drupal while trying to preserve an existing, complex database schema? What if migration isn’t feasible because you need real-time data maintained by a non-Drupal 3rd party? Learn one solution utilizing Drupal 8’s powerful custom entities from a transitioning Drupal 7 developer’s perspective.

In this session we will walk through topics such as:
- Approaches to mapping relational database tables to entities, difficulties encountered
- Advantages/disadvantages to using custom entities
- Workarounds for tables with Drupal incompatibilities
- Creating modules and custom entities using Drupal Console
- Making both custom entities entity references and Views relationships work
- Using custom SQL Storage classes and class inheritance for filtering
- Implementing custom blocks w/contextual parameters
- Lessons learned along the way

Each area will provide code examples based on an upcoming Drupal 8 site release. By the end of the session, attendees will walk away with the knowledge of how to implement custom entities in Drupal 8 for an existing database schema. Attendees should have Drupal 7+ skills in Views/Blocks/Custom Module development, PHP OOP, and SQL experience.

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