Building a Front-End Development Community at Work

How many front-end developers do you have at work? 5? 10? 50? Do you know?

At IBM, we found that once we started to organize around our craft, the 50 or so that we knew about quickly grew in to thousands of practitioners. From back-end developers who had been asked to do front-end work, to designers who are interested in or already have started coding, to individuals whose full-time job was the front-end, a community was found, grew, and is now flourishing.

From the catalyst that kicked it all off to the tools and programs we run to support FEDs to our new and expanded understanding of what it means to be a Front-End Developer, we'll explore what it takes to create and sustain an internal community. From humble beginnings to a model that other crafts at IBM are looking to emulate, the lessons we've learned will help you create your own community at work.

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