Caching Strategies for Scaling Drupal

Regardless of the purpose of your Drupal site, it is important that the site be reliably available and performant for your users. For those of us with limited resources at our disposal it isn’t feasible to scale up hardware indefinitely. Thankfully, Drupal provides us with a number of tools in core, and even more in the contrib community, that make caching accessible to even the least technical amongst us.

Is your cache performing the way you want? Do you have issues with stale content or too many hits to origin? Cache plays a very important role in the overall success of your application, allowing you to deliver faster responses to more users, but sometimes Drupal caching can be complicated and difficult to get right.

We will talk through common missteps in Drupal cache configuration and discuss best practices for scaling high performance Drupal applications. Topics covered will include:

* The importance of properly understanding Drupal’s cache TTLs
* When to use Page Cache, Block Cache, Views Cache, and Panels Cache
* Workflows for cache invalidation, purging, and warming
* External cache and proxy caching with Memcache and Varnish
* What’s new and improved in Drupal 8

Attendees should have some familiarity with Drupal but needn't be expert site builders. We'll cover the basics of Drupal caching in D7 and D8 before delving into more advanced configurations using proxies and purging strategies.

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