Case Study: Building an Online Learning Experience with Drupal

This session looks at the challenge of creating online learning platforms for training staff, volunteers, or constituents.

Two years ago, the iCenter for Israel Education embarked on a program to train hundreds of volunteer staff for the Birthright Israel program - an experiential educational travel programs in Israel. Because volunteer staff came with varying level of experience (some were trained educators or professional community workers, while others had little educational experience), there was a need to build a baseline foundation in concepts and practices in experiential education in preparation for the 4-day in-person seminar.

In searching for an appropriate online learning platform, they found quickly that there was no “one-size-fits-all solution” Inside or outside of Drupal. The result was a custom-built solution that took advantage of contributed modules (most notably webform) and sought to address the specific functions that they required.

This talk will explore:

  • The contributed modules used in order to mimic that functionality of more complex online learning projects.
  • The customization that leveraged those modules to create a fluid learning experience.
  • The process of discovery with a client who has both a general need (for which there are many complex application) and specific requirements, and how to simplify the approach to building the solution.
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