Continuous Delivery with Drupal

Continuous Delivery (CD) you've heard about it used on big fancy sites, but how can you implement it yourself? The critical thing in continuous delivery is that the main branch is in a deployable state at all times enabling regular releases. At DrupalCon Barcelona Dries talked about how projects, including Drupal core, might be able to achieve this noble goal. Implementing CD in Drupal 7 can be tricky but it can also be insanely powerful.

In this session we will explore some of the benefits and advantages you get from implementing CD, along with sample workflows and tools, such as Git, Jenkins, and the Drupal 7 Features and Strongarm modules and Drupal 8 Configuration Management. As well as various testing and code quality tools, such as Behat, PHP CodeSniffer, etc.

After working for the past several years on this problem I came to the conclusion that none of the existing tools were giving my team quite what we needed and so we worked to develop and open source the solution that we wanted for Continuous Delivery for Drupal (and similar web apps). In this session I'll also speak a bit about <a href="">Probo.CI</a> and how you can use either the hosted or open source version to get up and running easily and to really up your CD game.

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