Decoupled Blocks in Drupal 8

Decoupled Blocks is a javascript-framework-agnostic, progressive decoupling tool to allow custom blocks to be written by front end developers in the javascript framework of their choice, without needing to know any Drupal API's.

It keeps individual components encapsulated in their own directories containing all the css, js, and template assets necessary for them to work, and using an info.yml file to declare these components and their framework dependencies to Drupal.

This empowers both javascript developers to create and re-use components without needing to learn Drupal, and site builders to be in charge of placement and visibility settings. Currently the module supports Angular 2 and React, with Ember support in the works.

First announced at DrupalCon New Orleans, come hear about the progress made so far on this project and the roadmap for where things are heading.

This session will be useful to attendees of all experience levels, covering why there is so much hype around decoupling, showing off some of the exciting things that can be accomplished with progressive decoupling, and also touching on other flavors of decoupling as well.

Expect to walk away with a solid understanding not just of how this module tackles integrating javascript frameworks into your Drupal 8 site, but what motivated its creation and how it fits into the wider spectrum of decoupling solutions.

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