Desktop to Mobile: Why Your Themer Cries

By now we should all be well aware that mobile-first approach is ideal for a successful responsive web website. But, out there in the real world, despite all the blog posts and best intentions, there are times when a project requires converting an existing desktop site or design into a responsive website.

If you’ve been in this situation, you’ve probably had some very good front-end developers grumble about seemingly simple requests. The goal of this session is to give non-developers the tools to understand what’s easy, what’s hard, what’s possible and what’s a bad idea when going from desktop to mobile.

In this session, I’ll cover:

- some of the common terminology and concepts surrounding the mobile web,
- technical limitations of responsive web design,
- specific examples of common pain points when going from desktop to mobile,
- how to assess the viability of a feature request or change,
- the importance of performance.

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