Drupal & Angular 2: A Performant Team

Angular 2 is nearing an official release, and is surely one of the most hyped new javascript frameworks around right now.

This session will begin with a broad overview of Angular 2, from someone who has been working closely on the project since Alpha releases. It will cover the full suite of tooling available to application developers, from Typescript, CLI and offline template compiling to component pre-rendering or even full server side rendering with Angular Universal.

Beyond that, we will look at how Angular 2 and Drupal can be used together to build flexible, performant and rich web applications. This will include real examples from the first Drupal / Angular 2 site to reach production.

No previous knowledge of Angular or javascript is needed. Attendees can expect to walk away from this session with a good basic understanding of what is possible with Angular 2 and how it can be used with your Drupal sites.

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