Drupal on the Big Screen: Decoupled Drupal for an Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk

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There's a lot of buzz around headless Drupal, but how well does your newly beheaded platform fit into a web full of content providers? Leveraging the strength of its full-featured CMS against the front-end possibilities of a client-side framework like react or AngularJS, Drupal's role in the evolving content ecosystem of the web is becoming more and more prominent. In this brave new headless world, where the lines between content consumer and provider are increasingly blurred, decoupled implementations are bringing new possibilities to drupal applications.

In this session we'll take a look at a touchscreen kiosk built for the United States Air Force Band. Using an angularJS front-end, the Drupal backend shares the spotlight with the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Google to populate the kiosk's interface elements. We'll take a look at a simple example demonstrating what goes into building the Drupal web service. And finally, we'll take a look at some of the UI and UX design challenges around adapting an existing body of content to a brand new medium.

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