Drupal Performance Census - Lessons From Over 2500 Sites

"I've seen things you wouldn't believe," but every wise developer knows there's no shame in the performance game. The only way to learn is by doing.

This year we implemented New Relic's Pro-level APM service across thousands of websites. With access to the details of their performance at scale we can learn truths with statistical significance.

For example:

- How much faster is PHP7
- What statistical trends can we see in terms of how site performance shows up?
- What module(s) consistently show up with poor performance?

This session will present findings from data gleaned from over 2500 live production Drupal websites. It should provide insights for site builders concerned with the performance impacts of their modules, as well as developers looking to better understand how to make sure their code runs quickly.

Slides are available here: http://www.slideshare.net/outlandishjosh/drupal-performance-census-badca...

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