Holistic SEO and Drupal

Holistic SEO is a term used to describe building sites in which content, marketing, technical SEO, performance, security, user experience, and much more come together to create an ideal url on the internet.

Many factors are calculated by each search engine's algorithm to rank websites. SEO is no longer a few tricks done on or off site. Proper SEO, one with a Holistic approach, should be factored into absolutely every aspect of business goals, content strategy, development, site building, theming, content creation, and content marketing.

For years, search engines and good SEO consultants told webmasters that creating good content is better than focusing on SEO trickery. With every Google update this becomes more and more relevant, as you can see results moved away from being specifically keyword focused, to results more defined by user intent, user location, and popularity. While some content disappears from the search engine results, others remain, and even thrive.

This presentation will review:
What Holistic SEO is, and some examples.
The most common search engine ranking factors, and how to keep up to date.
An overview of Content strategy and how it can guide development.
An overview of technical SEO best practices in Drupal

Learning Objectives & Outcomes:
Attendees will come away learning common search engine ranking factors, best practices for technical SEO using Drupal, and ideas on how to guide and empower their administrators to create the best content to achieve their goals.

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