Images 101: File Types, Web Optimization, Retina Screens, oh my!

Images seem simple: save, compress, and upload. Yet, I’m willing to bet you’ve asked yourself one of these following questions: What file type do I use? What file size (or k-weight) should I target? Is there a “correct” way to save an image for the web? What about retina screens, do I need to do something different? This session will explore all of these questions and more.

We will begin by setting a baseline for image standards and the basics of images as they are applied to the web. We will explore guidelines and practical applications of saving images, web optimization, image file types and their best use from a technical perspective.

This session is perfect for designers, developers and everyone in between who frequently save images for web use and want to maintain site speed and efficiency.

1. Guidelines and principles for saving images for the web
2. Clear understanding, definitions, and use-case for .jpgs, .pngs (.png-8 & .png-24), .gifs, and .svgs
3. Live demo of saving images in Photoshop & Sketch for web use

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