INCLUSIVE DESIGN: Going beyond Accessibility

People are not ones(1) and zeros(0) and the world is not just black and white. Everyone identifies themselves differently and while it may be impossible to cater to everyones needs, it is important that we strive to make our websites, applications and tools as inclusive as possible.

Inclusive Design is a form of accessibility. It is the concept of begin mindful in making technology available to and usable by all people whatever their abilities, age, economic situation, orientation, language, etc...

In this session we will talk about some of the ways to think about inclusive design on your projects and why it is important. We will discuss what questions and conversations to have with clients, what considerations to think about when planning the UX and design of your site and what architectural decisions to think about when building your site. Along the way we will look at examples of inclusive design in the wild and the benefits they offer.

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10 Principles of Inclusive Design
The Myth of Average
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Inclusive Design: Excluding No Gender

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