Keeping the Money Straight: Power Dynamics in Client Relationships

Does this sound familiar? Everything started out so great with this new client's project. The dev team is cooking along, and the client is thrilled with all the great work you're delivering. But as the project goes on, things start to go sideways, a little at a time. And every time you discuss payment (of their already overdue bill) with the client they list a litany of complaints you've never heard before.

This didn't happen because of whatever nitpicks the client had. It wasn't about poor communication. It's about power. Specifically, power inequality. There is a better way.

This session will explore the subtle relationship dynamics between clients and service providers/partners, and provide you with actionable solutions: case studies and SOPs developed over many years to improve your business' reputation, client satisfaction and bottom line.

Topics include:
- concepts around expectation and value
- client financing
- work and payment
- personal responsibility and the concept of "fairness"
- the psychology of indebtedness and entitlement
- a fair deal vs a ripoff (the difference can be smaller than you think, and it's mostly in your head!)
- partner vs vendor: the power of words
- escrow, discounts and other strategies

This session is intended for freelancers, C-level executives, CSRs, project managers and anyone else who has direct client contact. There will be ample Q&A at the end of the session.

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