Learn the new things in Drupal 8 via debugging

Drupal 8 introduces several new subsystems and APIs, understanding how to find information about them is really important to able to create amazing applications with your preferred CMS.

During this session, you will learn tips and tricks for debugging in Drupal 8:

* System requirements and errors.
* Enabling development mode on a Drupal 8.
* Current third party packages and libraries.
* Storage systems configuration, state, and content.
* Plugins.
* Services and events registered in the service container.
* Routes registered on the route system.

After attending this session you should have all the required information you need, to properly debug and understand different Drupal APIs and subsystems and how to collect information about them.

Slides for this presentation can be found here: http://weknowinc.com/talks/2016/badcamp-learn-drupal-8-via-debugging/

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