Limbering Up Drupal with Flexible Layouts, WYSIWYG Templates, & More

When you’re designing a Drupal site, you often don’t know how much your design is going to survive use by your content administrators — so it’s tempting to either tie your design/theme to a rigid content type layout (ultimately frustrating your admins who want to use your styling midway through a long page, not at the top or bottom in a prescribed field), or rely on your admins to add CSS classes through the WYSIWYG to elements that need to get special styling midway down the page (…also frustrating your admins, who probably hate using the Source view).

But there’s a middle ground: you can limber up your Drupal sites by empowering your content administrators to use pre-configured content templates for styled content in WYSIWYGs, drop in pre-styled elements from your style guide, embed retina-friendly images, swap out page layouts, and more.

This session will discuss and demo our techniques for:

  • Creating content templates that content admins can select to drop in pre-formatted text and styles — e.g. “Pullquote with Credit”
  • Making your layouts flexible with Panels
  • Making image placement easier for content admins through inline embedding with positioning, sizing, and captions
  • Offering up retina-friendly images in WYSIWYGs selectively based on device type

Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to improve the ability of non-technical administrators to create complex, flexible, and engaging content templates in Drupal.

This session has previously been presented at DC's GovCon 2015 (Drupal 7 edition), and at DrupalCon 2016 (Drupal 8 edition).

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