Making the Leap: Successful Products as a Web Agency

Web agencies often think about building successful products. Making money while you sleep is an exciting prospect for web agencies used to selling hours. 

Making the leap from a successful web agency to a successful product organization is a big one. Common wisdom says that you shouldn’t even think about combining the two. Nevertheless, many of us still try and there are successful examples in our space. 

If you are interested in exploring products as a web firm, this session is a primer on how to do so successfully, including topics like how to balance client work, prioritize development, staff correctly and start earning your first recurring revenue. 

Drew has run a successful web agency, (Gorton Studios), built a successful product (NodeSquirrel) and now works at a highly successful product / PAAS company (Pantheon). Matt has founded a successful web agency, (Chapter Three), built a super successful product (Pantheon) and still works there. This combination of experiences gives them great insight into the different problems and opportunities involved and ideas on how best to solve them.

This session will extend and improve a version of this talk first given at DrupalCon Barcelona and later reworked for WordCamp Europe.

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