Project Managers ARE the new Content Strategists

Being a great project manager is more than just timelines, budgets, scope, and knowing something about Agile. It’s about being the first player off the bench, the secret weapon, the switch-hitter. Our job is to fill in where needed to keep the project on track, help our team, and mitigate that darn risk. Our job is to be content strategists!

That’s right – content strategists! After managing Drupal projects for eight years, I have learned that two things hold true – content is the number one reason projects are delayed and nobody has money to pay for content (yet!). I promise you that I am not delusional. This is never going to be our full-time jobs but we can make a difference.

During this session we will walk through the discovery, design, and build phases of a website redesign sharing tips, tools, and examples of steps you can take to manage the content process and provide your clients with ways to create better content. All of these steps keep in mind that you are already completely busy with your normal project management duties. We will talk audits, editorial guidelines, purging rules, timelines, testing, governance, and more!

At the end you will walk away empowered to take on this new role.


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