Project management is both art and science. Building high performing teams, particularly in remote collaborative environments can be a tremendous but always worthwhile challenge.

From the initial lead, to contracting, and early into discovery we are forging relationships and building a rapport towards a project's success. We're setting up frameworks to structure conversation, and funnel its outcomes into actionable problem spaces.

How do we make it all happen? Can't we just agile all the things?

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula.

But, there are ways to think and act that are more prone to success than failure, and failures that are worthwhile on the road to success.

This talk will involve thinking, provocation, and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

We'll look a the project lifecycle holistically, and talk frankly about how to manage change. We'll get a little technical and under the hood, but only to support the accessible philosophies that underpin this talk.

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