Release Management for Live Websites

When working with multiple larger Support-based contracts, "agile" can start to break down after the Implementation stage. Once a site goes live, often the project team will be adjusted, or sometimes it will change completely. Because of this, certain changes to the development workflow should be considered.

  • What are the Dev, Stage, Live environments for anyway?
  • How often do I deploy changes to each environment?
  • How do I timebox each project?
  • What is a release cycle?
  • What are these things?
    •  Merge conflicts
    •  cherry-picking
    •  branching
    •  integration/develop/master/staging branches
    •  release tagging
    •  hotfixes
    •  ...
  • How can Continuous Integration and automated testing fit in?
  • Benefits that can be leveraged using certain features of JIRA and Github/Bitbucket
  • Working collaboratively with a team instead of "too many cooks"

This presentation covers the basic and advanced concepts of managing ongoing support of a live website and its ecosystem.

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