The return on investment from test driven development

Testing and automation are gaining more and more traction in the Drupal community. However, the return on investment can seem difficult to calculate and quantify at the business level. Not having this information can lead to two significant problems:

1) Understanding what level of resources to invest in adopting a test driven development (TDD) culture.

2) A difficulty in selling some clients on investing a portion of their precious project resources to writing tests.

Fear not, the benefits are real and there are understandable ROIs. We'll discuss what the some of those are, their business value, how to overcome some common hurdles when introducing TDD practices, and share some stories of struggle and success.

Everyone's situation is different, but being armed with this knowledge will lead to a better understanding of if your team should integrate testing practices and automation, to what degree. and what you can expect the returns on those investments to be.

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