Say no to special snowflakes and scale: Drupal as a service for higher education

At the University of Colorado Boulder, we run Drupal as a service for any college, school, department, faculty member, or student group on campus free of charge. We are approaching 1,000 websites on our service and do this with 4 developers.

This presentation will provide and overview of our approach and tools we use to run this service.

In this session, we will discuss:
The mistakes we made and what we have learned to allow us to run and scale this service.
Our UX and Development strategy and how we deal with our special snowflakes.
How a small staff can support and scale this service to meet campus needs.
How to download, install, and use on your own campus.
How to contribute.

We gave a presentation last year that focused on our hosting strategy. This presentation will focus on user experience and development decisions we have made to support an enterprise service with a small staff.

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