Styleguide + Prototype: Move Fast and Embrace Drupal

A static prototype, along with a styleguide, puts your ideas into the hands of your clients, users, and developers sooner, providing more time for iteration—ultimately resulting in a better product.

This session will focus on Kalamuna’s approach to prototyping and in-browser component driven design practices, and the benefits and experience thereof. You will learn how Kalastatic connects the bridge between prototype and impementation through its orchestration across various components:

  • Prototype
    A carefully honed static site generator powered by Node.js, featuring Metalsmith, SASS, TWIG, and any other templating engine you could think of.
  • Styleguide
    Building a living styleguide out of KSS makes your components come to life.
  • Atomic Design Principles
    Applying patterns and standards for creating design systems around your web components.
  • BEM and Coding Standards
    Sanitize your code with conventions for state variations.
  • Build Tools
    Grunt, Bower, npm, Live-Reloading, and other conveniences to keep development flowing.

The Bridge to Drupal

Bringing all of this to Drupal gives your site a lot of power. From prototype and styleguide, to an actual implementation, you're left with living web components that rapidly change and grow, and have the Drupal-side reflect those changes. Front-End web development doesn't stop with the theme - it's only the beginning.

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