The Terrors of Task Management Tools: A Case Study

Thinking of moving to a new project management tool? The road can be harrowing and full of hidden perils, but don’t turn back now! As a Project Manager, you are expected to manage and execute countless tasks in the most efficient and painless manner possible, but the myriad of task management tools available is daunting to consider. I will take you on the path Zivtech followed: evaluating software options, learning team pain points, and understanding which business needs can be handled by these systems. You will see our mistakes and successes while moving from Unfuddle to LiquidPlanner and finally ending up with Jira & Tempo (a journey which took 2 whole years!) Find out why a company might need to move systems, and how constantly evaluating your processes can lead to innovation and happier teams.


In this session we will discuss considerations you should take when:

  • Choosing the right system for your team and project needs
  • Weighing business needs against developer usability
  • Managing this change internally
  • Evading common pitfalls of transitioning
  • Vanquishing the naysayers
  • Becoming a champion for positive change


This session is geared toward intermediate and advanced Project Managers.

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