Tools for Vendor and Higher Ed Collaboration

University web services departments are the campus heros: often tasked with a daunting mandate and given few resources to work with, they manage to coordinate web projects for dozens, even hundreds of departments, institutes, clubs, and other campus organizations. In this effort, they find individual contractors and web agencies as frequent partners.


However, without tools and guidelines for operating on campus, the efforts of these vendors can lead to unforeseen maintenance costs, brand alignment problems, project overruns, and a variety of other issues. It’s up to campus web services to help create the most productive working relationship possible with these groups.


In this session, we’ll review and compare common tools used by web services departments to collaborate with vendors in the university ecosystem. Vital pieces of infrastructure include…


  • Hosting solutions
  • Campus distributions
  • QA procedures
  • Branding guidelines
  • Accessibility requirements
  • Project management and progress

This session draws on experience working with a wide range of higher ed organizations and university web services professionals all across the United States. It's dedicated to all of the campus professionals who have helped me answer questions, debug problems, and become a more effective contributor to their respective institutions.

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