The Making of BADCamp

The BADCamp making-of session, along with organizer commentary.

Drupal Development Best Practices & Building Sites on Pantheon

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Learn how to use Pantheon like a seasoned Drupal developer and level up your Drupal development game. Learn how to use Pantheon and get version control for your projects, separate development, testing, and live environments, high performance technologies like Varnish and Redis and more.

This session will feature Pantheon Co-Founder Matt Cheney and Agency and Community Engineers Steve Persch, Andrew Taylor and others walking attendees through using the Pantheon Drupal development platform to develop a Drupal site.

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Designing for Accessibility

Everyone wants their website to be accessible, but all too often sites fail to meet basic accessibility guidelines. Sometimes the littlest things can make the difference between an accessible website and a potential law-suit. In this session I will go over some of the most common problems and show how easy it is to fix them, and provide strategies that you can apply to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Continuous Integration for Drupal Project using Travis + Gulp


Continuous Integration is a software development practice where team members intergrate their work frequently and idea of this practice is to reduce integration problems and allow teams to develop cohesive software more rapidly. Cohesive software developmet needs tools to run automated builds.

Travis + Gulp

CI always excited me and while looking for good Opensoure CI tools for Drupal Projects, I wasn't able to find any. Some of the things which I wanted in the CI tools were

The Texas Two-Step and the Drupal 8 Site-Building Ecosystem

Texas TwoStep Method and the Drupal 8 Ecosystem

Mine was a curvy path, but in this talk I'll share with you the milestones that will lead you, a total beginner, to solid Drupal 8 Site-Building understanding. I went from a total newbie at my first BADcamp to a site launch in four short months by learning the Drupal ecosystem of content types, taxonomy, views, and blocks, and discovering the wonders of the open-source Drupal community. I'll provide the template of instructions (the Texas Two-Step) that will allow you to see what I did, mimic my success, and empower you to customize these methods to fit your own aspirations.

Web User Experience in 2021

The way people experience the web will see dramatic change in response to new tools, expectations and constraints in the coming years. This session will highlight some major forces shaping our medium and lead us in thinking about how we should expect to evolve what we deliver in light of changes in hardware, mobile, wearable, data, and software among others. We will look to parallels in architecture, aircraft and other technologies and suggest future trends that will evolve.   

Tools for Vendor and Higher Ed Collaboration

University web services departments are the campus heros: often tasked with a daunting mandate and given few resources to work with, they manage to coordinate web projects for dozens, even hundreds of departments, institutes, clubs, and other campus organizations. In this effort, they find individual contractors and web agencies as frequent partners.


Performance Problems: Tools & Training to Make Things Go Fast

Having trouble with performance? Come learn about accurately diagnosing problems with your Drupal application. This talk will cover everything you want in your toolbox: performance profiling, database query analysis, cache troubleshooting, logging for specific scenarios, and a survey of common missteps in building and operating Drupal sites. (Useful for developers of all skills levels.)

How to say "No" by Saying "Yes!"

When there's a powerful stakeholder in play, how do you say "No" from a position of strength and authority?  You do it by saying "Yes!", of course!

Nobody likes to hear the word "No" (except maybe this lady), but as a Project Manager, it often becomes your duty to deny demands from your client and, sometimes, your team.  Come learn tactics on how to turn down difficult requests, while re-aligning all parties to project goals in order to maintain morale and momentum.

This session will give you an inside look at the project management tools that Kalamuna uses to develop strategies for combating scope creep, managing expectations on both sides of the fence, and helping to avoid that awkward situation where you feel like you can't say "No" in the first place.

Employment advice to the boot camp graduate

You've graduated from boot camp. Woot! Now what? Join me for practical advice to help you on your journey from graduate to valued employee. 

Some considerations:

What kinds of things a hiring manager is looking for?

Is a degree required to get that first developer job offer?

Experience or education? Which has more value?

Network. Network. Network. People skills matter.