HHVM and Hack(lang): Upgrading PHP

HHVM is a major upgrade to the PHP runtime which provides major performance improvements and greatly improved analysis tools. HHVM also allows developers to use a new dialect of PHP called Hack(lang), introducing a slew of new language features such as a robust static type checking system, improved lambda support, native collections and enums, asynchronous I/O handling, and more. Come learn how to get HHVM running and see what it can offer you!

Deep dive into D8 through Single Sign-On Example

Object oriented structures are replacing our all too familiar hooks which enabled us to extend Drupal with new functionality without hacking core (or other contrib modules). But how does this all work?

In this session we will go through a single sign-on (SSO) example module which will help us understand how OOP works its magic into our modules, making them easier to write, understand and debug. Concepts applied will show how to use event listeners, overwriting routes and other tools.


Moving Beyond "Copy" & "Design" into Content-Driven UX Workflows and Tools


Content + Design Process = Painful?

Raise your hand if you've ever encountered a broken process or workflow SNAFU with content and design production? The world of web demands a fluid, yet adaptive harmony between multiple project teams and goals working in unison. When these teams fail to synergize, the creative process can be like a brick and mortar waterfall.

Demystifying access control

This session will explain what goes on behind the scenes regarding access control in D8, and walk through how Drupal decides what content is available to a user.

We will start by reviewing popular access control modules, such as "Organic Groups", "TAC", "Workbench", etc., and how you can make them work together. Then we will take a step beyond "hook_node_access()" - and why you should avoid it -, and learn to use the Grant API to implement your own access control modules.

We will also cover how the Entity API plays in to control access to non-node entities.

Real-Time Theming With Chrome DevTools, Gulp, SCSS, and LiveReload

Wouldn't it be great if we could just use Chrome DevTools to inspect the page HTML we're working on locally, see the underlying and uncompiled SCSS (as we inspect elements), edit it there in the Sources window, save it back to the file system, and then see it compiled as CSS —rendered immediately in your browser without having to press the "reload" button? Well, YOU FREAKING CAN!

Why not! Back in 1997, I could use Netscape Navigator to edit HTML in the browser and see changes immediately. It's 2016, and we can do it again!

Drupal 8 Front end development - Tips, Tricks, and Twig

In this session I'll be talking about some tips and tricks you can use while developing a theme from zero for Drupal 8, also I'll be talking about how important is the sitebuilding and how you can leverage on that to make your front end experience more easy.

I'll make you familiar with twig and show some examples of how to solve common issues.

Build Automation with `make` - Utilizing Docker with Vagrant

As a web application developer, there should be as little friction as possible setting up your dev environment to begin contributing code to a new project.  The more complex the application, the more there is to setup.  You can document the 20 steps to get started working on a project in a `README` file in your project root, but really, who wants to follow a list like this just to contribute code to your project:

Installation Instructions

I'm a Scrumberjack and I'm OK! Prioritizing Your Scrum Product Backlog for Drupal Work

This session will cover how to prioritize and maintain a Product Backlog within a Scrum/Kanban environment that balances "keeping the lights on" with new product features.  This is meant to cover a site or group of sites over time vs a finite project scope. 

Managing snowflakes at scale: A multisite service architecture in higher education.

Learn how the central IT organization at The University of Iowa maintains over 450 websites, in two models- a free “standard service” and a cost recovery “custom service” - with a small team using Symfony and Acquia Pipelines.

Drupal 8: Supercharged for Modern Development

See beyond just the code changes. 

Learn how modern, full-featured development with Drupal 8 will transform your website building, testing, and deployment and skyrocket your code quality. Simply put Drupal 8 sits at the center of and effortlessly orchestrates with the open source software universe. 

Topics covered and uncovered in this info-packed session include: