Configuration as Dependency: Managing Drupal 8 Configuration with Git and Composer

Drupal 8 provides a robust configuration management system which represents a paradigm shift from previous versions of Drupal.  It's now easier than ever to represent your configuration in code and manage it with source control.  However, that may not be enough.

This session will propose a new strategy for thinking about Drupal 8 configuration, treating it as just another dependency, managed the same way code dependencies are managed with Composer.

We'll cover:

The Terrors of Task Management Tools: A Case Study

Thinking of moving to a new project management tool? The road can be harrowing and full of hidden perils, but don’t turn back now! As a Project Manager, you are expected to manage and execute countless tasks in the most efficient and painless manner possible, but the myriad of task management tools available is daunting to consider. I will take you on the path Zivtech followed: evaluating software options, learning team pain points, and understanding which business needs can be handled by these systems.

Everything you wanted to know about CloudFlare

CloudFlare ( is a free global CDN, DNS, DDoS protection & web security provider. 

In this talk, we'll walk through how to connect CloudFlare to Drupal, and how to configure CloudFlare and Drupal to work together. 

We'll look at:

Replacing Bartik in Backdrop

This year I led the effort to replace the default theme (Bartik) in Backdrop CMS with a new theme called "Basis".

In this talk we'll go over:

  • UX, design, and code architecture considerations
  • Front end architecture we landed for CSS, TPL's, and Javascript
  • Stumbling blocks
  • Future plans for the theme
  • Differences between developing themes for Backdrop vs Drupal

Front-end performance and Drupal: Having your cake and taking a few bites

Front-end performance optimization is not necessarily complex, but it is specifc and always evolving. Browser specs change, mobile adoption rates are sky rocketing, and new technology is driving more intrictate (read: heavy) applications. Juggling the demands of the project versus the reality of the network is a battle that is best fought with good technique.

Cat Gifs. Also, Front-End Build Process.

Today’s front-end workflow benefits greatly from familiarity with a few key languages and libraries - this is especially true as we move closer to a D8 release date. The front-enders at Chapter Three came together to discuss standardizing projects; a goal that had raised much contention in the past. After several rounds of hand-to-hand combat, we were able to come together and produce a front-end build process that has increased productivity, decreased friction, and helped with posterity and team interoperability.

Let's be honest: Estimation is guessing

Everybody would love to spend weeks in a detailed discovery exercise; writing nitty gritty of the application in product backlog and thinking through on the application architecture before submitting the proposal. Unfortunately, dreams don’t come true!

Getting the estimation right in the sales cycle quickly (especially in early stages) is probably what strengthens any agency chance to win the project. So how you’d go about making your best shot with limited resources/time of your architects/developers?

Selling in India, a price sensitive market

India is always seen an outsourcing hub; a market where the rates prevail and price sensitivity is at peak. In such a market how can non-indian companies make inroads! Let’s talk about that.

India’s IT competency is very mature and there’s tough competition. However, Drupal is a stronghold in the market and gives serious competition to everyone’s favourite Wordpress (which doesn’t stand Drupal in complex scenarios) in a big way.

Drupal 8 Distribution Development and Devops Workflow

So you want to make your own Drupal 8 Distribution?

At the University of California, Davis, we are developing a distribution that will be used by over a thousand sites across campus. We're using Drupal 8 because we want to be on the bleeding edge of the best Web technology available!

With so many moving pieces, many of them new to Drupal 8, we have established a methodology for:

Successful Project Management = PROFITABILITY

Profitability is never a guaranteed outcome.

Using Drupal along with an Agile Development Process is an excellent way to eliminate much of the wasted efforts (time=money) found in a traditional Waterfall Development process. By comparison, using an Agile Methodology can reduce cost by as much as half, or provide up to twice as much product for the same budget! However, Drupal and Agile alone are not enough to ensure a profitable outcome.