Man v. Machine: Successful Client/Vendor/Team Communications

(This session is appropriate for ALL skill levels.) Clear communication is fundamental to every process in life -- and in business, it is the ESSENTIAL ingredient for making sure all parties involved are happy, and that we are able to run a business at a profit with each project.  There are many fundamentals of the communication process which are irreducible; focusing on them helps us gain clarity of communication both inside and outside of our organization.  Personally, I am often more comfortable communicating with the computer, because the code is either correct or incorrect, and the res

Taking Drupal 8 Sites Offline: airplane mode surfing!

This talk will introduce you to HTML5 features that can be used to make your Drupal 8 content available offline. Users of the site will be able to access certain pages while in airplane mode or other times when they do not have network access.

Designing a Publication: I Learned the Hard Way So You Can Learn the Easy Way


“Designing a Publication” takes the audience on an engaging trip to the heart of modern web design. I’ll show them the biggest lessons I learned while leading the ground-up redesign of No Depression (“The Roots Music Authority”), a publication with tens of thousands of registered users and hundreds of thousands of pieces of content. Lessons they can apply to your project, no matter what size it is.


Getting to know the testing frameworks in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 has introduced the most powerful testing framework than any previous version of Drupal. Navigating the different types of tests can be tricky. Writing your own can be even trickier.

In this session we'll explore the 4 different types of tests (unit, kernel, browser, and javascript-enabled). We'll touch on why the legacy framework (simpletest) has been deprecated, and even how to convert legacy tests.

After this session, you should be able to write tests for your own custom code, contributed modules, and even help along core issues that need tests.

Experience and Challenges about Working with Media companies

Media industry has been an early adopter of new technologies, mobile web and platforms. During the digital transition they had to overcome many issues. We at Valuebound been working with leading media companies. We will discuss couple of important challenges we faced and how we overcome them.

Common problem and facts:
  -- Legacy system migration.
  -- Dealing with lot of technology and integrations.
  -- Better End-user experience.  

Throwdown - only Twig templates vs. Twig plus Display Suite in Drupal 8 - you decide!

There is a growing group of Drupal 8 front end developers who just LOVE twig and are doing all of their theming using just that. There is also a group that LOVE display suite and are still using it as their go-to in Drupal 8.

This session will got through the pros and cons of each type of theming and then will allow for discussion and debate on which setup is better.

Which side are you on? Come and throwdown!

Developers Can Be User Advocates Too!

Recently I joined a team on their first day of discussing building a website. The kind of discussion that talks about what you want to be when you grow up—or in this case, once deployed. As I listened, it dawned on me—I don't do this—I build. It's unusual for me to be involved in the design phase, the phase where you take random thoughts, concepts and wants and make them a cohesive concept that are then mapped out into a design or wireframe or user journey. You see, I'm a developer and I don't take ideas from concept to product. I build based off specs/requirements.


Setting up a front end development environment for Drupal 8

Modern theming is getting more and more complex. This session will walk you through the steps to setup your theme development environment in Drupal 8. Topics will include many of the standard things that you need to do to set up a new theming environment in Drupal 8:

Power of Paragraphs

The paragraphs module is really starting to get some great traction in the Drupal comminity and there is a reason why - they are amazing at extending what you can do with Drupal as a site builder. 

Using paragraphs and a little imagination we will go over building a site that gives content creators flexibility while still allowing developers to maintain site consistency and security. 

Entities in Drupal 8: A Visual Overview

There’s a great deal of data we’d like to structure in a logical and efficient way in our Drupal 8 sites. There are plenty of options: content types, taxonomy terms, block types… These are all part of Drupal’s wonderful entity system, but with great wonder comes great complexity.

Fortunately, we don’t need to know the Drupal codebase or database schema like the back of our hand to benefit from understanding entity terminology when managing and building a site. Let’s take a look at the basics of Drupal entities from a visual approach, you will never think of nodes the same!