Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Modular CSS for Enterprise Websites

CSS bloat is a challenge for every enterprise website. As design elements grow and change, code gets added but rarely deleted and our CSS files get larger and harder to maintain. What was that class name that makes the font color black and 22px? Where is the pattern that gives me the right layout and color scheme for this design? Modular design encourages us to look beyond classes and begin styling on the component level using data attributes. Separate content from design and your code base becomes reusable and more compact.

Content Architecture in Drupal 7 vs Drupal 8

Content architecture in Drupal 8 has changed, mostly in positive ways. We'll discuss the differences between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 and the impact on how we will implement our content architecture in Drupal 8.

D8 Is Ready! Planning a Drupal to Drupal 8 Migration

The time is right for many Drupal projects to transition from older versions of Drupal to Drupal 8. But, before you write any code, you need to carefully assess and plan.

For this session, we'll discuss:

* Auditing your existing site
* Assessing viability of Drupal 8 functionality
* Mapping data structures
* Evaluating migration methods
* Estimating

By the end of this session, you'll have a good game plan for getting ready for your Drupal 8 migration.

Intended Audience:

Drupal Site Tuneup - Vroom Vroom!

During the development process, your site goes through many changes as you figure out which modules to use, solidify your content types and views, configure features, and deal with bugs in core, community, and custom modules. Along the way, content, files, modules, and data can get outdated without you even realizing what happened. This is even more likely with a larger development team and when development is going fast.

SpeedRun Breakdown

At DrupalCon Dublin we are giving a session where we will build a site with an authoring experience in 45 minutes.

Obviously a live demo of this scope is beyond crazy, but in our defence we are doing a TON of preparation and the preparation is yielding some best practical documentation for creating an authoring experience thatI have seen.

Tales from the Flip - Lessons Learned while moving the enterprise to Open Source

Plan for the "gotchas," expect the unexpected, and get the most out of the move!

Moving from proprietary software to open source is more than just a decision to use Drupal (or another open source tool) over a proprietary one. It also comes with the need to understand and be part of the community, and to work within the ecosystem of a publicly maintained toolset.

Drupal and Solr Search: A Powerful Marriage

In this hands-on session, attendees will learn how to setup and integrate Drupal with the Apache Solr search engine. We’ll discuss advanced Solr set up, advanced facets, and other advanced elements that create a great search experience on Drupal/Solr websites. We will also discuss the advantages of using additional tools, such as Tika, with Solr to improve performance and to index documents like PDFs and DOCX.

A Cautionary Tale for Defensive Programmers

As software developers, we know our software will fail; someone will use it in a way we did not anticipate, we will forget to properly check input, a process will time out, and we will make typos.

For these reasons, and many more, people spend time and efforts on reproducing problems, and finding and fixing root causes. If this hasn’t caused too much of a delay, there may even be time to make sure these problems never show up again.

It is inevitable. Or is it?

D3 Data Visualization

There's no escaping the fact that data visualization is hot right now. Everyone wants to tell their data's story visually, whether it be through a map, chart, or more detailed presentation. The difficulty is there are so many different tools that solve this, each one with their own benefits and limitations.

We feel D3.js is the most awesome tool for handling this task -- which is the approach we've used for sites like the Nation's Report Card, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina, GlobalChange, and others.

We'll cover:

Reverse Engineer the Perfect Drupal Project

Why is working with clients so messy? I had a lot say on the matter with Client Wrangling and Project Management: Train Wrecks I and 2. And I do talk about reverse engineering in those presentations though only in passing so this gem is easily over-looked. Like a good fractal we're going to deep dive into the world of reverse engineering a Drupal site.