Drupal 8's Multilingual APIs: Building for the Entire World

Are you interested in writing contributed modules, themes or distributions for Drupal 8? Then this is the session for you. In this session, we'll look at the most important APIs you would use to integrate with and best practices to use to ensure that your project is fully multilingual-ready.


Drupal 8 has opened up new possibilities for existing modules. In this session, I will walk through new architectural concepts for Drupal 8. We will look at several of the modules I have ported in an effort to define a set of best practices in architectural patterns, development practices, community engagement, and specific complementary examples.

Ride the Whale! Docker for Drupalists

Dev Desktop, WAMP, and MAMP are trusty tools in your Drupal toolkit. The more projects you take on, the more of a headache they become: conflicting versions of PHP, modules, configuration, and where in the heck did I put that INI file!? You're here to get work done, not headdesk because you've got the wrong version of Drush!

What if you could build a custom server environment for each project, using only a few text files? What if you could share those files in your repo so everyone on your team uses the exact same environment? You can!

Project Managers ARE the new Content Strategists

Being a great project manager is more than just timelines, budgets, scope, and knowing something about Agile. It’s about being the first player off the bench, the secret weapon, the switch-hitter. Our job is to fill in where needed to keep the project on track, help our team, and mitigate that darn risk. Our job is to be content strategists!

Testing Your Style Guide and Theme in Drupal 8

Style guide driven development and the intelligent re-use of design components can prevent quite a bit of heartache as the look and feel of your site evolves. Your style guide can protect you from unexpected regressions throughout your theme and let you break the cycle of wasting time and effort styling redundant variations of page templates and content.

This session will focus on the tools available to create a living style guide for your Drupal site, along with methods to test for visual regression during the development cycle. We’ll cover:

The "Key" to securing Drupal 8

With the release of Drupal 8, developers were challenged to think beyond just the island of Drupal. Core incorporated new outside libraries, and now Drupal can be the source of content for external applications in a "headless" setup right out of the box.

With Drupal now being the hub that content and connections are flowing in and out of, how do we keep it all secure? The best way to protect data at rest is to encrypt it, and the best way to secure your external connections are to protect the credentials used to authenticate.

Drupal hosting options and performance improvements

Learn how to choose from the variety of hosting levels and provider offerings. There are a myriad of options from shared hosting, VPS, managed instances, dedicated servers, and Drupal-specific providers.

What are the important indicators you have, so that you can choose the most appropriate option? Can you really do more with less? What level of access do you need in order to get the best site performance?

This session will cover the range from one-click installs to setting up your own environment and a number of options in between.

WAIT! Don't do that! There's a better way get there!

Crawl, Walk, Run - Iterative Implementation leveraging MVP and Governance

Faced with managing multiple code bases for legacy web sites, Acquia found a way to deliver a bleeding-edge Drupal 8 platform to support hundreds of web sites on a single distribution by leveraging Minimum Viable Product, (MVP) and incremental delivery.

A Drupal 7 to 8 migration in motion

Are you a site builder?
Are you stuck with a Drupal 7 site?
Are you excited about Drupal 8 but confused about getting started?

Friends, the good news is you can get started today and we can show you how.

The development team on the Palestine Poster Project is in the middle of migrating our Drupal 7 site, to Drupal 8 and we want to share with you what we have found out.

Learn about how we migrated major systems with the tools provided today.

Grow Your Own

Lack of available talent to hire is a common refrain of business owners in our field. Give up on looking and complaining! To create a sustainable business you need to be able to grow your own.

Growing your own means hiring smart, motivated people with all the right soft skills and investing in them for the long haul. In return for helping give them a career, expect that they'll reward you with loyalty, will care about helping to teach your newer staff, and will work together with a cohesive vision (having all been trained the same way).