Kalamuna is a bunch of activists, artists, mathematicians, punsters and history buffs who were more likely to major in the humanities than in computer stuff. We’re voracious learners who take things apart, play with them, and see what we can make. And these are the reasons we’re great at making the Internet.


Because while we’ve got serious tech chops, our critical inclinations make us less concerned with technology for its own sake, and more more concerned with how we can strategically place it in the service of social change. Our diverse backgrounds promote holistic systems thinking from unusual angles, and in play, we win.


When you play, you loosen up. You’re free to tinker with code. You’re free to experiment with design. You’re free to talk with “users” and “stakeholders” like real people. You’re free to test strategies, come up with new solutions, new paradigms, and new ways of doing things.


Which is what our clients do. They embrace curiosity, play and provocation to solve our most important problems. They’re nonprofit execs using the web to instigate. They’re public servants using mobile for a more integrated city. They’re entrepreneurs offering sustainable products online. These people also like to tinker, to critique, and change the way things are. We believe this restless, rabble-rousing mindset is what gets anything worth doing done.





Let’s Play.