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Welcome to the Devops World of Tomorrow, today! Self-driving browsers, automation of menial tasks like testing, rocket-like scalability: DevOps technology can give us access to a brighter future for developers and business owners alike. In this summit, we’ll discuss topics like automated testing, Docker, and continuous integration.

We’ll also explore how these technologies can benefit organizations like yours, and why you should invest in them. Anyone who is looking to save time, money, and work - with happier development teams - should attend, to enter the DevOps future.


Event date and time: 
Friday, October 21, 2016 - 09:00
Event location: 
2150 Allston Way, Suite 100
Berkeley, CA
Event agenda: 

09:15 / Introductions

09:30 / Keynote: Building DevOps Tools that Work: Behind the Scenes with (Christian Sieber)

10:15 / TBD

11:00 / Comparing CI Services: A Case Study (Nate Haug, Backdrop)

11:45 / Lunch Break

1:00 / Automated Testing Circus: Wraith, Behat, and More! (Mike Pirog, Dharizza Espinach Barahona, Steve Persch)

1:30 / Automated Testing Breakout Session

2:15 / Breakout Report Back

2:45 / Tools for the PHP Renaissance: Drush, Robo, Composer, and More! (Greg Anderson, Michelle Krejci, Rob Loach)

3:15 / Tools Breakout Session

4:00 / Tools Breakout Report Back

4:30 / Closing Comments

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