Saturday - 10:15am - 11:00am

At First, Let Yourself Be "Bad" At Drupal 8

At First, Let Yourself Be “Bad” At Drupal 8
Accept the Inevitable Parts of Learning

Ancora imparo — “I am still learning.” - Michelangelo

Images 101: File Types, Web Optimization, Retina Screens, oh my!

Images seem simple: save, compress, and upload. Yet, I’m willing to bet you’ve asked yourself one of these following questions: What file type do I use? What file size (or k-weight) should I target? Is there a “correct” way to save an image for the web? What about retina screens, do I need to do something different? This session will explore all of these questions and more.

Reverse Engineer the Perfect Drupal Project

Why is working with clients so messy? I had a lot say on the matter with Client Wrangling and Project Management: Train Wrecks I and 2. And I do talk about reverse engineering in those presentations though only in passing so this gem is easily over-looked. Like a good fractal we're going to deep dive into the world of reverse engineering a Drupal site.

Keeping the Money Straight: Power Dynamics in Client Relationships

Does this sound familiar? Everything started out so great with this new client's project. The dev team is cooking along, and the client is thrilled with all the great work you're delivering. But as the project goes on, things start to go sideways, a little at a time. And every time you discuss payment (of their already overdue bill) with the client they list a litany of complaints you've never heard before.

Advanced JavaScript Unit Testing

Testing is an important practice in software development to improve software quality, and it can be precarious no matter what language you’re in. The flexibility offered by JavaScript can make your tests powerful, but if you’re not careful, that same flexibility can leave you frustrated. As Drupal gains more JavaScript developers we'll need to up our testing game.

You should be writing tests to inspire confidence that everything is working as expected. If something breaks, you want to be sure that you’ll catch it and quickly understand what went wrong.