Saturday - 1:30pm - 2:15pm

Taming Godzilla: Drupal Development with JIRA and Confluence

JIRA is a powerful issue tracking and collaboration tool, but it can easily become a monster. While the Atlassian tools can accelerate agile development and empower teams to work together more effectively, they can also quickly become a burden to users and create unnecessary overhead for team members who are just trying to get their job done. This presentation will show how JIRA and Confluence can be leveraged to help teams work together throughout the lifecycle of a Drupal development project.

The Slice Template: Design principles, Dev Options & Content Curation

This talk will EXPLAIN what the Slice Template is, different development tactics for creating it, and challenges we’ve seen in crafting content for it.

The Slice Template is kind of like a layer cake. It’s a design structure that enables site authors to create web pages out of modular, horizontal components that span the width of the browser. Popularized by responsive design, this pattern has become a web standard. That’s because it can support a myriad of content.

The Right Tool for the Job: Content Layout in Drupal 8


As a site builder, have you ever encountered a wireframe or design that’s caused you to take pause and wonder, “how am I going to build this thing?” I have. In fact, it’s been my experience that there’s rarely a clear-cut solution for producing a Drupal layout that’s both complex in arrangement and easy to edit.

Learn the new things in Drupal 8 via debugging

Drupal 8 introduces several new subsystems and APIs, understanding how to find information about them is really important to able to create amazing applications with your preferred CMS.

During this session, you will learn tips and tricks for debugging in Drupal 8:

Golang for PHP Devs

Much like PHP, Go is a programming language designed for the Internet.

Unlike PHP, Go is designed for the Internet in the second decade of the 21st century. Go assumes that code written in it will be concurrent and distributed, providing first class language features to support this type of architecture.

I'll go through an introduction to Go, what makes it unique among its peers, why and how it is different than PHP, and we'll walk through building a simple application that can accept external requests for data.

How To Grow Support To Become A Cornerstone Of Your Business

When we started our support program, it almost seemed like post-launch support was a dirty word in the community.  It was very easy to build a fancy Drupal site and walk away.  We noticed that the average end user can't really work a Drupal site that well. This led to a very simple question: how do we offer support to clients so they benefit and we make a profit?

We will go over many methods that have worked for us.  We will also talk about the methods we tried and failed at in the past four years of our Kalacare program. Topics will include, but will not be limited to: