Saturday - 2:30pm - 3:15pm

Drupal 8 Distribution Development and Devops Workflow

So you want to make your own Drupal 8 Distribution?

At the University of California, Davis, we are developing a distribution that will be used by over a thousand sites across campus. We're using Drupal 8 because we want to be on the bleeding edge of the best Web technology available!

With so many moving pieces, many of them new to Drupal 8, we have established a methodology for:

Taking Drupal 8 Sites Offline: airplane mode surfing!

This talk will introduce you to HTML5 features that can be used to make your Drupal 8 content available offline. Users of the site will be able to access certain pages while in airplane mode or other times when they do not have network access.

21 things i learned with Twig & Drupal

A hands on Drupal8 Theming Twig extravaganza 

Theming in Drupal8 was a massive shift from phptemplate to twig, but its more than changing the syntax. We changed the way of thinking about Drupal theming. Drupal twig theming is easy to learn, powerful, flexible and overall as awesome as warm coffee on a rainy day. The downside is that all the things you learned in Drupal now have to be relearned - Yes it's by design.

Over the last 4 years we (the frontend drupaltwig group) we got one burning question from the Drupal community.

Project Managers ARE the new Content Strategists

Being a great project manager is more than just timelines, budgets, scope, and knowing something about Agile. It’s about being the first player off the bench, the secret weapon, the switch-hitter. Our job is to fill in where needed to keep the project on track, help our team, and mitigate that darn risk. Our job is to be content strategists!

Live The Dream, Work Remote: Building a Successful Distributed Drupal Shop

Virtual. Remote. Distributed. This style of organization is becoming wildly more in demand and popular among many industries including web shops. However, building and sustaining a strong relationship requires a unique approach and making us of variety of tools to create the right work culture. In this session we will talk about key tactics to keep your development (and all other staff) happy, inspired, creative, productive and most importantly, part of YOUR team.

Understanding Drupal

Drupal is an extremely flexible system. To achieve this, various layers of abstractions were built into it. A lot of concepts were created to explain these abstractions. Unfortunately, they are not always intuitive. For example, the ubiquitous word 'node' does not represent a point in a network nor a server side programming language.

Learning the basic building blocks for assembling a Drupal site and how they relate to each other is useful to start building sites having a broad overview of the system.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?