Saturday - 3:45pm - 4:30pm

Web User Experience in 2021

The way people experience the web will see dramatic change in response to new tools, expectations and constraints in the coming years. This session will highlight some major forces shaping our medium and lead us in thinking about how we should expect to evolve what we deliver in light of changes in hardware, mobile, wearable, data, and software among others. We will look to parallels in architecture, aircraft and other technologies and suggest future trends that will evolve.   

Agile applied to life

What you will learn:
Agile Methodology
Application of Agile Methodology to Projects
Agile tips and tricks applied to your daily life

Session Description:
Using real world, daily-life situations to explain Agile principles, I will demonstrate how an Agile mindset can cross over into optimizing your daily routine.

Limbering Up Drupal with Flexible Layouts, WYSIWYG Templates, & More

When you’re designing a Drupal site, you often don’t know how much your design is going to survive use by your content administrators — so it’s tempting to either tie your design/theme to a rigid content type layout (ultimately frustrating your admins who want to use your styling midway through a long page, not at the top or bottom in a prescribed field), or rely on your admins to add CSS classes through the WYSIWYG to elements that need to get special styling midway down the page (…also frustrating your admins, who probably hate using the Source view).

Tales from the Flip - Lessons Learned while moving the enterprise to Open Source

Plan for the "gotchas," expect the unexpected, and get the most out of the move!

Moving from proprietary software to open source is more than just a decision to use Drupal (or another open source tool) over a proprietary one. It also comes with the need to understand and be part of the community, and to work within the ecosystem of a publicly maintained toolset.

The "Key" to securing Drupal 8

With the release of Drupal 8, developers were challenged to think beyond just the island of Drupal. Core incorporated new outside libraries, and now Drupal can be the source of content for external applications in a "headless" setup right out of the box.

With Drupal now being the hub that content and connections are flowing in and out of, how do we keep it all secure? The best way to protect data at rest is to encrypt it, and the best way to secure your external connections are to protect the credentials used to authenticate.

Component-driven Drupal theming

Modern front-end development has become a complicated mix of fast-moving technologies. The challenge for front-end developers is trying to keep up with the latest changes in Front-end. How do you find and learn about the best tools and techniques? And even after we've learned a new tool, it can feel like our skills are soon out-dated.