Saturday - 4:45pm - 5:30pm

One Step at a Time: Lessons Learned from Drupal Newbie to Core Committer


Gather 'round and I'll tell you the story of my journey from starting out as a complete Drupal newbie to becoming a core committer for Drupal 8. I'll share some lessons I've learned and we'll talk about how you can implement some of them into your life and your career.

Entities in Drupal 8: A Visual Overview

There’s a great deal of data we’d like to structure in a logical and efficient way in our Drupal 8 sites. There are plenty of options: content types, taxonomy terms, block types… These are all part of Drupal’s wonderful entity system, but with great wonder comes great complexity.

Fortunately, we don’t need to know the Drupal codebase or database schema like the back of our hand to benefit from understanding entity terminology when managing and building a site. Let’s take a look at the basics of Drupal entities from a visual approach, you will never think of nodes the same!

BFFs 4eva: Drupal 8 and Custom Databases

How do you gain all the benefits of Drupal while trying to preserve an existing, complex database schema? What if migration isn’t feasible because you need real-time data maintained by a non-Drupal 3rd party? Learn one solution utilizing Drupal 8’s powerful custom entities from a transitioning Drupal 7 developer’s perspective.

INCLUSIVE DESIGN: Going beyond Accessibility

People are not ones(1) and zeros(0) and the world is not just black and white. Everyone identifies themselves differently and while it may be impossible to cater to everyones needs, it is important that we strive to make our websites, applications and tools as inclusive as possible.

Inclusive Design is a form of accessibility. It is the concept of begin mindful in making technology available to and usable by all people whatever their abilities, age, economic situation, orientation, language, etc...

A Cautionary Tale for Defensive Programmers

As software developers, we know our software will fail; someone will use it in a way we did not anticipate, we will forget to properly check input, a process will time out, and we will make typos.

For these reasons, and many more, people spend time and efforts on reproducing problems, and finding and fixing root causes. If this hasn’t caused too much of a delay, there may even be time to make sure these problems never show up again.

It is inevitable. Or is it?

Automated testing with Drupal and PHPSpec

Like many Drupal teams, the CSRA/New Target web team at the Administrative Office of the US Courts is working to bring automated testing into our development and maintenance workflow. In this talk, I'll share our current thinking on the following issues:

1. Why behavior-driven development is essential
2. Limits of using the Behat Drupal Extension for behavior-driven development
3. Why even the best behavior-driven development practices will not guarantee full regression test coverage

Power to the Project Brief

I will be aiming to bridge the gap between the sales process and kicking off a project. The main tool for doing this is a project brief which helps keep stake holders, project owners, project managers and agency staff on the same page and focused on what primary objectives need to be accomplished. Much of the project brief can be informed by the sales process, which is not only helpful to the discovery/implementation team, but to the client to clarify their own needs and goals.