Saturday - 9:00am - 9:45am

The Texas Two-Step and the Drupal 8 Site-Building Ecosystem

Texas TwoStep Method and the Drupal 8 Ecosystem

Mine was a curvy path, but in this talk I'll share with you the milestones that will lead you, a total beginner, to solid Drupal 8 Site-Building understanding. I went from a total newbie at my first BADcamp to a site launch in four short months by learning the Drupal ecosystem of content types, taxonomy, views, and blocks, and discovering the wonders of the open-source Drupal community. I'll provide the template of instructions (the Texas Two-Step) that will allow you to see what I did, mimic my success, and empower you to customize these methods to fit your own aspirations.

I'm a Scrumberjack and I'm OK! Prioritizing Your Scrum Product Backlog for Drupal Work

This session will cover how to prioritize and maintain a Product Backlog within a Scrum/Kanban environment that balances "keeping the lights on" with new product features.  This is meant to cover a site or group of sites over time vs a finite project scope. 

Practically Decoupled Drupal

Using Drupal 8 as a backend to serve content to a separate lightweight frontend can produce incredibly flexible, beautiful and reusable pieces of front and backend code. With the right approach and a little practice, the ability to decouple Drupal can be a fantastic tool in your belt.

Built It, but Nobody Came: Avoiding Overengineering

Designing and building something that people need is completely different from implementing what they asked for. Engineers don't like to say no; helping is empowering and pride makes it difficult to back down. Product owners don't always have the context to understand how hard a feature is to implement and a throwaway request can add weeks to a project. We're all limited by our perspective, so the trick is to recognize what practically should be built. The goal isn't to say no, it should be to empower. Learn from our successes and mistakes!


Pattern Lab and Twig, the perfect duo to streamline your front-end development process.

Pattern Lab ( is “a custom static site generator that constructs an interface by stitching atoms, molecules, and organisms together to form templates and pages.” The philosophy of Pattern Lab parallels several core tenets of OOP: Don’t Repeat Yourself and Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Twig ( is a fast, secure, and flexible templating engine from Sensio Labs, the people who brought us Symfony.

Data-driven Postmortems

The DevOps movement has not only influenced the tools we use in modern development and operations engineering, but also how we work. As part of how we work, DevOps has changed how we respond when systems inevitably stop working or don't work as expected. Although "blameless" postmortems are commonly espoused in the DevOps community, they often only tell us what not to do (blame), rather than focussing on what we should do.