Business + Community

The Business and Strategy track is aimed at attendees looking for actionable advice, ideas and challenges from business owners, executives, and project managers. Sessions are intended to be relevant not just to Drupal shops, but the digital experience business as a whole. Sessions in this track will be non-technical by nature.

We aim to generate ideas and inspiration for recruiting and hiring, company culture, sales and marketing, digital strategy, products and service offerings. Emphasis will given to relevant experience, story-driven narratives and ideas outside of the core Drupal ecosystem. Preference will also be given to individual sessions that provide in-depth lessons learned over panel-based sessions preaching general best practices.

Suggested Topics

  • Recruiting and retaining talent
  • Tools and best practices for teams - local and distributed
  • Customer service, communication, and marketing
  • Selling Drupal: Showcasing the value of investing in open source
  • Beyond Drupal: offering products, strategy, services and integrated solutions
  • Growing and scaling your business
  • Choosing the right platform for a technology start-up
  • The upgrade decision: when is the right time to move to Drupal 8?

Globalizing a Corporate Website - Good, Bad and Ugly

Globalization and localization have been hot themes in the Drupal ecosystem for the last few years.  There are plenty of guides and talks that will go over the "How To".  After spending the last 12 months in the midst of a major project, this is the information I wish I'd know BEFORE I started...

Development to Management: A Survival Guide

Great work leads to promotions -- and promotions from development to management come with more than increases in responsibility. While they're often awarded based on mastery of one skill set, they require you to learn a whole new one. It's a leap made more challenging by the fact that googling "drush commands for management" gets you nothing.

During this session, I'll talk about adjusting from life as a developer to life as a manager, including:

From Specification to Collaboration; one Agency's Move to Scrum

At Amazee Labs, we pride ourselves in producing awesome websites and making clients happy. In the past, we achieved this by sitting down with the client at project kickoff and laying the roadmap for how the project build would go. We specified everything, in day long discovery workshops. Then we'd tackle design, and finally, we would build. 

Clients were happy. Sites were pretty. But there was room for improvement.

Dogooding 101

A lot of people involved in Drupal want to put their skills to good use (through contribution, volunteering, or advocacy) but aren't sure how to do it.  In this session, we'll explore some ways you can be a do gooder with your Drupal skills - small things that only take 20 or 30 minutes and large things that could change the direction of your career. 

We'll move beyond Drupal core/contrib contribution and look at needs of the broader technology community and it's constituents. 

Good Enough For Government Work: Building a Transformational City Website

Bloated RFPs, byzantine bureaucracy, razor-thin budgets, and politically charged environments: Why would anybody want to do government work?

Those were the perceptions we struggled with when unexpectedly approached with the opportunity to bid on a website redesign for the City of Hayward, which--by the City’s own admission--was the “ugliest and most user-hostile website in existence” at the time.

Selling in India, a price sensitive market

India is always seen an outsourcing hub; a market where the rates prevail and price sensitivity is at peak. In such a market how can non-indian companies make inroads! Let’s talk about that.

India’s IT competency is very mature and there’s tough competition. However, Drupal is a stronghold in the market and gives serious competition to everyone’s favourite Wordpress (which doesn’t stand Drupal in complex scenarios) in a big way.

Beyond the code: principles of effective software development

Software development is more than coding. Successful projects, thrilled clients, repeat business and a growing reputation rely on far more than the quality of your code. Whether you’re a team member at a young agency, a freelance developer, or the computer savvy niece or nephew that “does websites and stuff,” you can grow your professional value from looking at the bigger picture.


Man v. Machine: Successful Client/Vendor/Team Communications

(This session is appropriate for ALL skill levels.) Clear communication is fundamental to every process in life -- and in business, it is the ESSENTIAL ingredient for making sure all parties involved are happy, and that we are able to run a business at a profit with each project.  There are many fundamentals of the communication process which are irreducible; focusing on them helps us gain clarity of communication both inside and outside of our organization.  Personally, I am often more comfortable communicating with the computer, because the code is either correct or incorrect, and the res

Experience and Challenges about Working with Media companies

Media industry has been an early adopter of new technologies, mobile web and platforms. During the digital transition they had to overcome many issues. We at Valuebound been working with leading media companies. We will discuss couple of important challenges we faced and how we overcome them.

Common problem and facts:
  -- Legacy system migration.
  -- Dealing with lot of technology and integrations.
  -- Better End-user experience.  

How to be a Client

How to be a good client is really "how to position yourself to get the most out of your relationship a development agency." Many, if not most, vendor-client relationships break  down over communication. Since communication is, by definition, a two-sided process, it's essential to understand how to best participate in the dialogue. "The Gizra Way" philosophy has  provided a good foundation for open and transparent communication.