Business + Community

The Business and Strategy track is aimed at attendees looking for actionable advice, ideas and challenges from business owners, executives, and project managers. Sessions are intended to be relevant not just to Drupal shops, but the digital experience business as a whole. Sessions in this track will be non-technical by nature.

We aim to generate ideas and inspiration for recruiting and hiring, company culture, sales and marketing, digital strategy, products and service offerings. Emphasis will given to relevant experience, story-driven narratives and ideas outside of the core Drupal ecosystem. Preference will also be given to individual sessions that provide in-depth lessons learned over panel-based sessions preaching general best practices.

Suggested Topics

  • Recruiting and retaining talent
  • Tools and best practices for teams - local and distributed
  • Customer service, communication, and marketing
  • Selling Drupal: Showcasing the value of investing in open source
  • Beyond Drupal: offering products, strategy, services and integrated solutions
  • Growing and scaling your business
  • Choosing the right platform for a technology start-up
  • The upgrade decision: when is the right time to move to Drupal 8?

Yoga and mental health


Creating a balance between life activities to achieve psychological resilience is something all of us strieve to achieve. Playing multiple roles(parent, spouse, full time employee, opensource contributor) often leads to stress resulting into an imbalance in the life activities.

Once we loose this balance it is often hard to get it back and if left unattended it can lead to depression and often medication is considered one of the cures which might give you a *feel good* factor that you have achieved the balance back but often medication can have side effects.

Building a Front-End Development Community at Work

How many front-end developers do you have at work? 5? 10? 50? Do you know?

At IBM, we found that once we started to organize around our craft, the 50 or so that we knew about quickly grew in to thousands of practitioners. From back-end developers who had been asked to do front-end work, to designers who are interested in or already have started coding, to individuals whose full-time job was the front-end, a community was found, grew, and is now flourishing.

Lead The Change You Want To See At Work

Change is hard. Often a daunting task, seemingly impossible at times, the rewards for seeing it through are huge. But leading change is something anyone can do. There are no secrets to making change happen, but there are strategies that can help guide the process to give change leaders the best chances for success.

The business case for automated testing

Project deadlines are tight and everyone wants to see development move as quickly and cost effectively as possible. In this session, we’ll cover the advantages of making an upfront investment in automated testing and explore ways in which these types of tests can act as constant guardian of the key values of your business while improving conversation between business stakeholders and development teams.

Tales from the Flip - Lessons Learned while moving the enterprise to Open Source

Plan for the "gotchas," expect the unexpected, and get the most out of the move!

Moving from proprietary software to open source is more than just a decision to use Drupal (or another open source tool) over a proprietary one. It also comes with the need to understand and be part of the community, and to work within the ecosystem of a publicly maintained toolset.

Engaging Support Systems

We've all been there - staring at the screen trying to figure out why something is broken, sometimes not even sure exactly what that something is.

Drupal is amazing - so flexible and powerful - and absolutely maddening.

In this session, we'll review why it's worth it to seek out help, where to find it, and how to get it.

I'll be primarily on the following topics:

Types of Support Systems and the differences between them
* online
* in person
* long-term
* short-term

0 to 10: What I learned in the First Year of Leading a Team

There is nothing like going from 0 to 10 employees overnight. In an instant I was responsible for two project managers and 8 developers. No biggie, right?

I told myself that it was going to be fine. After all, I had previously managed a team. I tried to not think about the fact that it was 8 years earlier and in a different industry.

Well a year has passed and I have learned quite a bit. I have had some success and made some mistakes. We have lost some employees and gained some new ones. We have made some clients mad and delighted others.

Hey Wouldn't it Be Cool If...

Under an escalator in Chicago three lowly souls sat and hatched a plan, we'd hold our first Drupal Camp in the Nation's Capitol! And the rest is fantastic amazing history... actually the rest was gobbledygook after we lost our venue 3 weeks before the event, prices skyrocketed on sponsors and we had an entire track that no one attended. We survived and so can you! Now, the little camp that was hatched under that escalator just celebrated its 6th anniversary and has expanded from our wishful thinking of 200 plus attendees to just over 1000 this year.

Anatomy of a Drupalcamp - Lessons Learned in Colorado

I've been involved with Drupalcamp Colorado since 2007. Sometimes I've had a significant role, other times I've taken a bit more of a back seat. I was also pretty heavily involved in Drupalcon when it was in Denver. I've had quite a bit of insight into the Cons themselves through my interaction with the Drupal Association as a board member. For the last three years I've been the project manager for Drupalcamp Colorado. This has left me with with some insight that might help others wanting to run a camp and lead to discussion with those that already run camps!

WAIT! Don't do that! There's a better way get there!

Crawl, Walk, Run - Iterative Implementation leveraging MVP and Governance

Faced with managing multiple code bases for legacy web sites, Acquia found a way to deliver a bleeding-edge Drupal 8 platform to support hundreds of web sites on a single distribution by leveraging Minimum Viable Product, (MVP) and incremental delivery.