Business + Community

The Business and Strategy track is aimed at attendees looking for actionable advice, ideas and challenges from business owners, executives, and project managers. Sessions are intended to be relevant not just to Drupal shops, but the digital experience business as a whole. Sessions in this track will be non-technical by nature.

We aim to generate ideas and inspiration for recruiting and hiring, company culture, sales and marketing, digital strategy, products and service offerings. Emphasis will given to relevant experience, story-driven narratives and ideas outside of the core Drupal ecosystem. Preference will also be given to individual sessions that provide in-depth lessons learned over panel-based sessions preaching general best practices.

Suggested Topics

  • Recruiting and retaining talent
  • Tools and best practices for teams - local and distributed
  • Customer service, communication, and marketing
  • Selling Drupal: Showcasing the value of investing in open source
  • Beyond Drupal: offering products, strategy, services and integrated solutions
  • Growing and scaling your business
  • Choosing the right platform for a technology start-up
  • The upgrade decision: when is the right time to move to Drupal 8?

Your first year as a Drupal Developer (with very little web experience)

Having just wrapped my first year as a surprise Drupal developer. I'd like to share my experiences having gone through a sudden reassignment (literally in one meeting two days after I'd started at my new job), and the panic and crash course of learning to work in Drupal.

Tone: Humorous (hopefully!)

Agency Sales Tactics and Strategies

Successful businesses have happy customers. Taking the time to discover the real problems, pain points and opportunities of your clients will help you propose and sell the solutions they need. This will make them happy. Your business will benefit as a result.

Pricing Strategy and Planning For Agencies

In an ever evolving marketplace of freelancers and agencies, it is important to not undersell your services. Choosing an approach that makes your services affordable to the right kind of client and works with the rest of your goals can be confusing. We’ll look at how to focus on values, what differentiates you and how to leverage what make you unique to get to the best prices possible.

Grow Your Own

Lack of available talent to hire is a common refrain of business owners in our field. Give up on looking and complaining! To create a sustainable business you need to be able to grow your own.

Growing your own means hiring smart, motivated people with all the right soft skills and investing in them for the long haul. In return for helping give them a career, expect that they'll reward you with loyalty, will care about helping to teach your newer staff, and will work together with a cohesive vision (having all been trained the same way).

How to implement performance metrics and dashboards for your digital agency

In this session, I plan to share the key metrics for measuring and improving all aspects of a well run digital agency. These include the top metrics for the development team, project management, sales / business development, operations, and even management leadership (straight to the top!).

In addition to discussing what we have found to be the most impactful metrics and how to lay a foundation for measuring them, I'd also like to share approaches for displaying and conveying the information to the team in a manner that brings the team together toward a unified goal.

Drupal 8 for Freelancers and Small Sites

This talk is a combination of a how-to technology presentation and a business practices discussion.

One of the recurring themes that seems to come up lately in each release cycle of Drupal is that it increasingly targets enterprises or big corporations & government, and that its size & complexity are leaving behind its roots of small site use.

Keeping the Money Straight: Power Dynamics in Client Relationships

Does this sound familiar? Everything started out so great with this new client's project. The dev team is cooking along, and the client is thrilled with all the great work you're delivering. But as the project goes on, things start to go sideways, a little at a time. And every time you discuss payment (of their already overdue bill) with the client they list a litany of complaints you've never heard before.

You Don't Suck! Get out of that rut and be more creative

We’ve all done it, we’ve looked at someone’s work and wondered: How did they got so talented? Is it genetic? They must be a natural. Then comes your spiral downward into the oblivion of self deprecation.

Whoa, stop there. It turns out that YOU don’t suck!

How To Grow Support To Become A Cornerstone Of Your Business

When we started our support program, it almost seemed like post-launch support was a dirty word in the community.  It was very easy to build a fancy Drupal site and walk away.  We noticed that the average end user can't really work a Drupal site that well. This led to a very simple question: how do we offer support to clients so they benefit and we make a profit?

We will go over many methods that have worked for us.  We will also talk about the methods we tried and failed at in the past four years of our Kalacare program. Topics will include, but will not be limited to: