Project Management

Good management is an integral component to successful projects, and this track aims to discuss and innovate on the practices, principles, and tools that make projects run better and faster. We hope this content will speak to project managers/directors, scrum masters and other “PM” profiles looking to fine-tune their skills and interact with, and encourage a more engaged community.

Join us to learn how to better estimate, lead, review, report on and strategically plan your projects and portfolios.

Suggested Topics

  • Project estimation
  • Project planning techniques: Sprint planning, resource allocation, Backlog management
  • Scope, risk, and change management strategies
  • Project management case studies
  • Project and portfolio reporting tactics: “how to” with specific tools, charts, reports. (PMs like spreadsheets)
  • Leadership and coordination approaches: working with remote teams, encouraging self-organization, encouraging cross-functionality.


Managing projects is hard. Waterfall can help you define a project up front, but details change like sand under your feet. Cowboy and Extreme programming is terrifying for your stakeholders, leading to miscommunication. Your process is a jumbled mess and you want to just get your arms around it and wrestle it the ground.

Power to the Project Brief

I will be aiming to bridge the gap between the sales process and kicking off a project. The main tool for doing this is a project brief which helps keep stake holders, project owners, project managers and agency staff on the same page and focused on what primary objectives need to be accomplished. Much of the project brief can be informed by the sales process, which is not only helpful to the discovery/implementation team, but to the client to clarify their own needs and goals.

Value-Driven Development with "Agile Discovery"

Discovery workshops are an exciting time. The workshop phase is when you first get to learn about your client’s business and key stakeholder visions. This is when you begin to build up a picture of success for your project. It’s a fast-paced time for you to dip into business values, but in order to deliver solutions—solutions that deliver on the expectations set in the discovery—you have to pursue an ongoing learning process. Simply put: you need to dive into the client’s business needs and immerse yourself.

Don't set fire to your laptop - Learn how to manage your multiple projects without losing it

Project management is often likened to herding cats or spinning multiple plates, but how do you prioritize which plates must not fall and which cat to keep from running up a tree?It's easy to get overwhelmed, confused, and inefficient. No one likes being last in line, but how do you make all your clients feel they are top billing?

Managing Drupal projects with Jira

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with Jira. This presentation will go over how Achieve Internet uses Jira to manage Drupal projects. In this presentation we'll cover:

* When to use Kanban vs. Scrum project templates.
* Differences in managing ongoing support projects vs. new site development projects.
* Planning, monitoring, and reporting on your projects.
* Review of some add-ons that we have purchased for our Jira installation

Story Mapping³

Help clients make better decisions with user story mapping, persona story mapping, and content strategy story mapping techniques.