Run a Successful UX & Design Discovery Workshop

Date and Time: 
Thursday, October 20, 2016 -
08:00 to 17:00

Trainers: Erin Holloway & Clayton Dewey, Aten Design Group

Do you find that you're building a site around your organization's departments instead of your end users? If not your organization, then with your clients?

We’ll run you through a process for working with key stakeholders to create a website that focuses on end users while keeping the goals of the organization in mind. You'll learn how to approach your projects with the fundamentals of user experience & design through this all day course. We’ll introduce you to a few tools and techniques we use with our clients at Aten for finding the right tone and content balance, ultimately creating a successful web experience.

In this hands-on training, we’ll walk through the first part of Aten’s strategy and design process to give you ideas for expanding your strategy and design toolkit. You’ll learn how to create the tools and format the exercises to run stakeholder workshops where each step builds on the previous one and helps you create a successful web experience.

Proposed Syllabus

Course Outline:

  • Introductions (30 minutes)
  • Goals & objectives (15 minutes)
  • Audience (45 minutes)
  • Break (15 minutes)
  • Voice & tone (60 minutes)
  • Lunch (90 minutes)
  • Design comparative analysis (60 minutes)
  • Core Model workshop (60 minutes)
  • Break (15 minutes)
  • Design studio (60 minutes)
  • Wrap up & explanation of next steps in the process (15 minutes)

Who will gain the most from this course?

Individuals that are interested in doing more upfront strategy and design work, such as freelancers, project owners, information architects, designers and wearers of many hats.

Prerequisites for this course

There are no specific prerequisites for this course, you will be able to leverage whatever existing knowledge you have and develop it further during the course of this training.


Skill level: 
Room 240 - CITRIS
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